Todd Airhart

Todd Airhart is the CEO and co-founder of RxEDO.  Having been involved in the PBM sector since 1989, he has seen this industry sector evolve.   Since the beginning of RxEDO, Airhart has been responsible for the operational side of RxEDO and leads the MCO business initiative from both a sales as well as an operational capacity.

Director, Commercial Accounts

Jake Abueva

Jake Abueva, Director of Commercial Accounts, is a 1997 alumni of Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. Jake has been involved with the PBM industry since 1997. He joined RxEDO in 2004 providing ongoing knowledge and support in many areas. Jake leads the client support for the commercial groups.

Director, Managed Care

Kacy Hoermann

Kacy Hoermann, Director of Managed Care, is a 2007 alumni of Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. Kacy has been a part of the RxEDO team since 2007 helping improve and provide solutions. In 2014 Kacy played a large role in preparing for and accomplishing RxEDO’s smooth mid-year implementation with a large Health Plan client. He continues to oversee and provide solutions for implementations and ongoing operations within RxEDO’s health plan market segment.

Kyle Hoermann

Kyle Hoermann, Director of Information Systems, is a 2008 alumni of Texas A&M with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He leads the system side of RxEDO’s operational support for both the commercial and MCO blocks of business. Kyle is also responsible for the network, application, and oversight management for all lines of business.

Director, Information Systems

Medicare Part D Specialist

Jackie Platz

Jackie Platz, Medicare Part D Specialist, has been involved in the PBM industry since 2001. In 2014 RxEDO implemented a mid-year transition of a Medicare Part D plan in which Jackie was a valuable part of the team that made the move so successful. Her experience and knowledge of the many facets of the PBM industry are  key to the service that RxEDO provides.