Service – What could be more important?

RxEDO believes there is a better way to provide pharmacy benefit administration. The building blocks that make RxEDO’s service model different include Integrity, Education, and Value. By eliminating conflicts of interest such as hidden revenue built into the client’s drug bill and fully disclosing manufacturer rebate dollars, RxEDO’s Prescription Benefit Partner (PBP) Service Model aligns with our clients objectives to better manage their drug spend.

RxEDO’s mission is straight forward: “To simplify and reduce the cost associated with the administration of prescription drug benefits, by utilizing a fully transparent business model that provides uncompromising levels of service and integrity in the benefit marketplace.”


Historical Comparison:

  • Claim by claim analyses of all historical prescription data provided
  • RxEDO’s Service Platform is applied to your data
  • Your historical claims are re-processed in our system at the actual pharmacy location they originated from.
  • To ensure accuracy we apply the pricing that was in force the day the claims were originally submitted to your re-processed claims
  • Conclusion: RxeEvaluate™ provides a true comparison between what your costs would have been with RxEDO vs. what you currently pay.


Clear Savings:

  • We provide our RxeAssure™ quarterly review to detail results after you have transitioned to RxEDO.
  • The quarterly review reports on your pharmacy plan’s performance in respect to your historical claims data.
  • It reports on and validates the anticipated savings defined by our RxeEvaluate™ process.
  • It also reports on and identifies new drugs therapies and member utilization that can impact your pharmacy plan’s performance going forward.
  • Conclusion: RxeAssure™ provides our new clients with actionable information that supports their decision to transition to RxEDO.



  • RxeFine™ was developed to identify management opportunities specific to your unique member drug utilization behavior.
  • It reports on specific therapeutic drug classes that drive your pharmacy costs and provides up to date results
  • It provides and identifies plan design alternatives that can improve your pharmacy plan’s performance
  • This allows you to make important benefit design decisions and control your pharmacy costs.
  • Conclusion: RxeFine™ enhances your ability to manage your pharmacy expense to the lowest net cost.